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    Hey I'm just going to butt in and say I think humans have this whole "wear clothes" ritual because we can't survive the cold weather as well as other mammals, so it makes sense as to why we'd adapt a clothes-wearing behavior.

    I live in Land O Lakes, Florida. We have like 3 nudist colonies here. Maybe more. I guess its because its warm :/ Too bad most are old people :D.
    I agree with the sentiment expressed by these nudists. I dont feel trapped by fashion, I dont hide who I am behing clothing. I dont bow down to social conventions of who I should be or what I should look like. I dont feel the need to express myself by my chosen style of clothing. I dont need to take my clothes off to feel that way however. I am comfortable with myself both with and without clothing.
    the ability to free your self from the bodily aspect of unacceptance is very liberating, to come to terms with and accept your appearance.
    I don't see what the fuss is all about. I've been getting nekkid my whole life. I was BORN nekkid. Some of my best friends were born nekkid too! :) I'd be nekkid everywhere I go if it weren't for that small group of individuals who don't wanna see me nekkid...the cops. In the mean time, if you drive past my house you'll noticed the curtains drawn...cuz I'm probably nekkid!C'mon the issue of public nudity does not coincide with the mainstream acceptance of the public norm(s). Therefore it's an individual(s) behavioral development of fondness to public voyeurism. Time to visit your therapist.He's angry because one of his children, who goes by the user name anglean25, behaves like you do. Alternate theories also include tectonic plates, and bad sentence structure.Here is another incident that occurred a few months ago in Italy. "The mayor of a southern Italian beach town has ordered police officers to fine women who wear short miniskirts or show too much cleavage, as part of a battle to raise what he describes as the level of public decorum. Police will get the power to hand out €300 fines to offenders. The miniskirt ban is one of 41 new decorum measures introduced by Bobbio, including a ban on sunbathing and swearing in public" Grow up uptight Europe!
    People need to stop associating Holland, Germany, Spain, and Scandinavia with all of Europe. Most of Europe is very prude and conservative about nudity/sex. Here is an example of an incident that occurred in late 2008: "Two Polish women have caused uproar in the deeply conservative and Catholic country by daring to sunbathe topless. Model Dorota Krzysztofek, 28, and her ‘accomplice’, known only as Anna K, 26, were today officially reprimanded in court for baring their breasts on a beach.".
    I think nudism is only a big deal because of religious dogma in America. I had a difficult time getting over it myself, but I feel a lot better now. I think nudism is generally just a place or culture where you can wear what you want or not, and not be hassled about your body or charged with exposure. I think nudists are usually very polite and hygienic so I don't see what's the big deal. If you just go to look at tits, you'll probably do better to go to some club for t instead o a nudist outfit. I kind of don't care. Wearing clothes or not wearing clothes, it really doesn't matter. Whatever makes the individual happy. :). This video is very touching. I think being nude is not normal for most people, but a way to be natural. To be yourself. So many people think that the clothes you wear make you popular or better than everyone else. So nudity is equality. Nobody can judge you for the clothes you wear. You may be over weight or may have something embarrising but everyone has something embarrising to hide.
    I honestly believe we need clothing if were like traveling somewhere cold because if we didn't have clothes we would most likely freeze to death.
    I see where your going, and i respect it. But clothes are not unnatural. They are warm and comfortable. I wouldn't like to have people looking at my dick, would kinda give me the creeps.
    Although i am not a nudist myself, i appreciate the whole concept about nudism. But I wonder and maybe even fear that nudists have no sex life. I mean over some period of time u will get used to being and seeing naked people and sexual arousal maybe lowered a lot or sthing. Hope i got thru what i meant cs its short and havent elaborated completely. Any nudist opinion about this?

    This is great - you've got almost 6 million hits. Keep on getting the word to Vita Nuda out there to the youth of your nation, it's starting to catch on. :).
    clothes also protect your skin from the sun, that's very much needed. also, easier rape target much. lol. If you never get nude how do you have a shower??? glad I'm not stood downwind of some of the people who've posted about this.
    i dont understand that concept of freedom. im also free of hide what i want to hide. i dont want everyone to know everything about me most of the times, and im in peace. same with body...

    god did. in the bible adam and eve were not wise, so they did not know of their apperance, until the ate the apple of the apple tree, then they were aware that they didn't have clothes. if ur not christian or catholic something like that you will call thi bullshit but...
    To those of you that won't try this. Try it! An all over tan, no soggy swimsuits, VERY Friendly people,etc. I just spent 2 weeks at Nude beaches in BC, wreck and 3mile in Penticton. Nude is the only way to go! At Wreck, I had a good conversation with 3 attractive LADIES in their 20's. This was their first time nude at wreck. They wanted to know why none of the guys had boners. I matter of factly told them that that rarely happens at a nude beach. OH, by the way,I am 58, male and no Adonis !!!I completely agree with you sir! My first visit to a nude beach was two years ago(Gunnison Beach-Sandy Hook,NJ) and I wish to God I had done it years earlier. Folks like us should tell the world: "Life is short, play naked!". Man wears clothes. Materialism is a huge problem, don't get me wrong, but man has always worn clothes. They say it's natural, but if it were natural everyone would do it. Of course, THAT'S a whole philosophical hornet's nest I'd be better off leaving alone. All I can say is, I define my clothes, not the other way around.You should read about the evolution of the Body Louse. It requires clothes to reproduce and is estimated to have existed about 72,000 years based on DNA divergence. Homo Sapiens, on the other hand, have existed 200,000+ years. Meaning, over half of humanities existence has been out of clothing. So, no, humans have not always worn clothes. And if you believe in creation, same thing, our beginnings were nude and natural.well, modern day humans do. I wouldn't fee; comfortable not wearing clothes. and honestly, people will judge you, whether you wear clothes or not.
    Well, we in Germany say that everybody can go as he or she wants to. There's no big discussion about how people look naked except their haircuts ;) This in a european way is just too odd to discuss about seriously. Simply to mention it, we're not ashamed how we look naturally. This kind of being awkwardness is brought to us from fake christians in the USA-At least you are all British people with more inbred people than Australian could ever imagine!

    i dont agree with these ideas but hey everyone has there rights but just please dont be like the christains and muslims and try to push it on everybody because being a nudist has soem disadvantages i.e. if someone were to rape u it would be easier for them and they would know who to rape because of "how sexxy there are" or "the huge boobs she has" also clothign helps protect you against the cold and wind without some protection of clothing like lets say in alaska u would get hpyerthermia.thank u.

    I don't understand what you are saying here. Rape and sexual offences are actually lower in countries and cultures where nudity is the norm because people are desensitised to it so they don't always see it in a sexual context. Also, no nudist thinks it is wise to nude up in the winter or in some place like Alaska.
    What is nudism? Nudism is when people come to the realization that clothes are not normal, unnatural, and unhealthy.forgetting the latest trends..not dressing to impress...being yourself only. try wearing simple plain clothes. it works.
    Look at yourself first. Some people would call you retarded over your inability to spell and construct sentences properly. Also, nudists only represent a small proportion of Americans. I don't know where you come from, but America has more personal freedoms than your environment probably does.
    I'm so thrilled to see this has made it to more than 5 million views! Especially thanks to all those who helped in its production... I miss you guys!! Mike. nudism is making life miserable for the likes of cavali, gucci, fendi,and armani...-... and many more. i was also wondering what would i do if i get a hard on watching an out of the blue tight body, what hide behind trees or keep some branches for emergencies. Being nude on the beach, i was wondering what would happen if a crab catches your privates or worse something slithers down your hind &refuses to come out. and ladies what if you are lactating or ovulating.
    I am open minded and somewhat liberal thinking so I believe there should be areas that are designated for this. I just don't think that it is proper everywhere. Like where children are, or high population areas where the distraction could and would lead to a mob type of mentality. As a young man and now an older man I can attest that seeing so many naked women without getting any would absolutely become a HAZARD! PERIOD! Speaking of period? UGH!
    It sounds very shallow that one can discover himself or herself by being nude! I am sure that the world has upteen number of scriptures & philosophical readings available if you truly want to understand yourself. I have nothing against nudism but to say that it helps you discover yourself is little too much.i completey agree with nudism to an extent, it should only be allowed on women, that would be aswome, but a man being naked is disturbing.
    america is too uptight, when it comes to nudity. i mean, we produce more porn, than any other country. right ?. if people, were alwed to travel about in the nude, we would be alot better off. but, then again, there's always that one person, who is going to be HIGHLY OFFENDED.
    What is nudism? Even on mute, the video sums it up pretty much: covering your bits from the camera even without wearing clothes.
    okok...if you are one of these people can you go anywhere like that? or is it something only certain people can do or a holiday?

    Sure you could. Actually, if you have any kind of negative feelings about your body, all the more reason to try it. The whole point of nudism is body acceptance. You'd realise very fast that nobody cares about your scars. They only care about the person under the skin.

    I am a social nudist. I sunbathe nude, I swim nude. I was nude when I was born, and hey guess what?, I'll be nude when I die. If you have tried it and it wasn't for you, that is OK, at least you tried. If you haven't tried it, don't knock it til you do. It's all about freedom. Mine.

    It's hilarious when you hear the opposition to nudism. They can't go any further than using the same cliche adjectives: indecent, dangerous, obscene, perverted, etc etc. But when you ask them to explain the connection TO those one-word descriptions, they can never elaborate. They just fall back on "It's just wrong!" or "It's against family/Christian values!" but they can never explain how the harm is done from point A to point C. They just react without logic.

    You are obviously one of those closed minded people that doesn't like any other religion that doesn't fit you. They are doing that to be free and feel comfortable. America is not living up to its meaning. They should be able to do whatever they want and not get arrested for it. If it should be illegal then showering in the morning is illegal. What you said there sir is completely idiotic and closed minded.
    Every time returning home from a nude beach experience, I feel a sense of antipreesents running through my inwardness that lingers for days on..Its kind of happiness feeling that goes on..
    At nude eviorments why are there so many cool calm relaxed people all in one place? I think because theres something good about it. Every nude beach or camp I have attended, never had I found any impertinance or arrogance or misbehavior.That should tell us something about nudism.
    To bad the nudity tradition in denmark is dissapearing.. when i was a kid... everyone one the beach were topless and often buttomless as well... I miss those days. Nude Dudes and Isis Unveiled! Nudists always give me a hard time! But nudists certainly give me something to think about!Can someone help me? I Like to be nude ever since i saw sites about it and I really want to go to a nudist club but I don't know how to really tell my folks that I like being naked because they aren't into nudism. How do I try to tell them that I like being naked?
    To me naturism is about defiance of irrational and pointless, narrow-minded social norms and expectations, beliefs held only by weak-minded, conventionally-thinking, puritanical people, in favor of doing what is functional and comfortable for yourself, as well as a statement that your body is for your sake, your wants, your needs, not for the sake, wants, or needs of any other human being. I also think it is great for indulging in the sensual comfort as well as beauty of the human form.
    There are blind nudists. They enjoy nudism for the same reasons we do. You have to realize it's not about seeing, it's about BEING.
    I'm a blind nudist whenever I take a bath. Mine is one naked body I just don't want to see. Seriously. Great video. If I took up this passtime, it would be for the reasons given. To declare my own freedom.
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  • Comments about this video:
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